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Welcome to this blog designed for the Newsletters
for IFLA School Libraries and Resource Centers section

In this blog you will find our THEME PAGES from:

  • Isssue 42: Theme: Education of School Librarians – June 06
  • Isssue 43: Theme: Information Literacy – December 06
  • Isssue 44: Theme: Web 2.0 and the MI-School Library – June 07

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  1. Hello,
    is anyone interested in school libraries in Germany? (It is still a long way to go.)
    There is a regional study group: LAG Schulbibliotheken http://www.schulbibliotheken.de. And recently there is a LAG-weblog ( in German): http://basedow1764.wordpress.com. (At the beginning 20 years ago, we were so hopeful.)
    The weblog is labelled after Johann Bernhard Basedow,a teacher, teacher trainer and founder of the famous school Philantropin. He called for school libraries in 1764.

    Comment by Guenter Schlamp | January 17, 2008 | Reply

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