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Resources & Activities Help Promote Information Literacy in the Mikes Kelemen High School Library

By Laszlo Kiss, Teacher-Librarian
Mikes Kelemen High School
Transylvania / Romania


The Mikes Kelemen High School Library is one of the biggest in Covasna County. Although our library houses more than 50,000 volumes, it is ongoing collection development efforts that help meet the increasing demands of the school. Most of the books we receive are through donations and applications. Until this year our library received no more than $300 per year to buy books and to subscribe to magazines.
This year we had a major breakthrough: each school in Romania received 300 Euro + 7 Euro per student! This was the most significant help since 1990 and will assist in providing access to more updated information resources.
We participate annually in International School Library Day, giving us an opportunity to share information about our school library with others. http://www.iasl-slo.org/isld2005j.html
Once a month I organize an American Corner with Americans who live in Covasna County. We develop themes based on American Culture. Through this project, we have received valuable books which are popular with our readers.
I use the International Children’s Book Day as an opportunity to create a display and talk about and books to borrow which are too good to be hidden on a shelf.
Although initially I had only two computers in my school library, I tried to develop cooperative projects with other school libraries around the world. The most extensive thus far was an internet contest (a kind of scavenger hunt) between our library and McPherson Middle School Library/Clyde/Ohio/USA (The Revolutionaires of 1848 in the American Civil War, IASL Newsletter, volume 34, nr 3, 2005). This project gave my students an opportunity to share and compare, as well as communicate with others their own age.
I continually strive to engage my students in school library activities, giving them many opportunities to be active participants in locating, evaluating, organizing, and presenting exciting projects, as well as offer the best services possible, because there is no doubt that the development line of a school is determined by a good and competitive library, which is ready to respond to any challenge.

Name: Laszlo Kiss
Occupation: teacher-librarian in Liceul Teoretic Mikes Kelemen/Sfantu Gheorghe/Covasna
Professional membership: The Association of Education Librarians – Romania (ABIR)
Professional service: president of ABIR Covasna County
Award: School Librarian of the Year (the “Ion Bianu” Prize in 2005)


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